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  • Pastor: Steve Millard



    Welcome to LSR.

    We are a well-established family church based in the Radford area of Coventry who have a heart and a desire to grow in love and fellowship with Jesus Christ, with one another and with the community around us. We are a welcoming Church who represent a wide diversity of people and who strive to meet everyone where they are at and encourage them in their ongoing discipleship in knowing Christ. We'd love to welcome you to worship with us - and we so look forward to being able to meet together every week again once local lockdowns are eased.  
    As a Church we want to continue to deepen our roots and spread our branches. We seek to nourish people in our congregation through God's Word the Bible, and reach out to those in the surrounding area. Our hope is that those we meet would themselves meet Jesus. We have meetings on Sunday and throughout the week, accommodating all ages.
    For more information about our church or what we believe in then please browse our website or get in touch:
    Lawrence Saunders Road Baptist Church
    Lawrence Saunders Road, Coventry CV6 1HH  England


    Phone Number 02476 601341


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    Click on the link below to listen to our latest audio files:

    Download The New Church - Communion

    What communion meant to the new church in Acts 2.

    Download 'A Church Like That?'

    The 2nd in series about the early church.

    Download ACTS - the church begins: The Apostles Teaching ACTS 2:42-47

    In the 1st of this series, we look at the foundation of the early church, how the apostles teaching was key, and how it applies today.

    Download The Good News of Christ

    The Gospel of Christ as written in Mark 1:1, should be evident in our lives. That same Good News should be readying our feet!

    Download Baptism service

    Baptismal service of Akosua & Sabina